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Power steering and steering damper - FANTASTIC difference!

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Jan S:
Good point.

I did a test drive after replacing the damper. Much improved drive. Then I flushed the power steering system, and did a new test drive. The improvement was significant - greater effect than the new damper alone.

Mechanical play is there for the eternity. I guess the much improved fluid in the system can remedy some of it?

No.  There is no physical way fresh oil/filter and a new damper can make up for and/or remedy mechanical wear.  The new oil and filter may restore power assist, and the new damper will merely "dampen" the mechanical wear.  If there is slop in the steering then you need to concentrate on actual steering aspects (tie rods, drag link, idler arm bushing, and steering gear box).  With the exception of the steering gear box, all of those other items are readily replaceable.  The steering gear boxes are bad about wearing out in the center/straight ahead position.  Sometimes some of that play can be taken out, but not all of it.  If all of the play is taken out it usually causes the steering gear box to bind/seize at the far left or far right extremities. In other words, when turning the wheel all the way to the right or left it'll struggle to come out of that turn on it's own. 

So, a new damper will simply “mask” the play... but it won’t address the root cause(s)

Jan S:
My steering components are fine, now, after replacing the damper and flushing the system (the rest is ok). I'm uncertain about the gear box, probably old and to some unknown degree worn out.

I wouldn't say the new damper and flushing the system "mask" the play - I would say their functions are restored. The play remains.

Anyhow, the drive feeling is significantly improved.


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