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Poor man's heater fix - how bad an idea is this?

Started by raueda1, 07 July 2018, 12:44 PM


As posted earlier, I have a small heater core drip.  As a temporary measure I capped the hoses to/from the engine so the heater core is isolated.  That solves the drip but now I don't have a heater.  That's a small loss, but I hate knowing I couldn't use it if I wanted to.  Still, the idea of fixing it right by removing dash, etc is just too much for me to contemplate. 

My brainstorm (?? ::) ??) was to try that radiator leak stuff.  Yes, I know, that's a terrible idea, a band-aid (that's "plaster" for some of you) approach, a lazy short cut and it might clog stuff up and ruin my radiator.  My work-around would be to set up a bucket of water with the leak-stop stuff and circulate it only through the heater core, not the whole engine.  When the heater leak is plugged then flush the stuff and reconnect the heater to the block.

Seems like this could work at least as a temporary measure.  But could it last indefinitely?  I rarely use the heater, maybe close to never, so it wouldn't be subjected to frequent hot/cold cycling.  If I had a small portable pump to circulate the leak-stop, like an RV water pump, I'd just try it - what is there to lose?  I'd have to find such a pump though, and if this is too stupid an idea then I won't even bother.  Thanks for you brutal candor and cheers,
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