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Parts Search/Valve Cover Vent Hoses For 6.9

Started by john erbe, 29 September 2022, 06:14 PM

john erbe

Checked Classic Center, NLA. Need the two valve cover vent hoses for 6.9. Part numbers 199 090 01 82 for the right side valve cover in rear and 100 091 13 91 for the left side front "J" shaped. Any leads on a parts source greatly appreciated.


Hi John,

would you happen to have pictures of the parts you are after.  I couldn't find them on google!

regards from WA
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john erbe

Yes, and I will now attempt to attach...


I'm pretty sure for the rear one at the RHS valve cover connection you can use one from pretty much any V8 from this era with KJET as long as it has the connection for the leak line from the fuel pressure damper.

The connection on the air filter housing is pretty long from memory so there should be a fair bit of give here to maneuver.
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Jan S

John, I searched for the first hose a while back. Unsuccessful.

I decided to order a silicone hose from a hose company. Quit expensive, due to the tooling. And, it turned out the silicone hose is not 100% oil resistant ... less life I guess. Sloppy on my part.

The 100-hose is also NLA. I made that one by using various hoses, connectors and clamps. Not much space above the air intake. 

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john erbe

Thanks all. Had car smog tested yesterday. Passed but tech brought the condition of the two hoses to my attention. In that the Green Police want these cars off the road i need to correct any possible future issue.

john erbe

Update. Possible solution using same part off the 126. In attached photo all are the front valve cover breather hose. Bottom off 6.9. Center off 126 Part No. 116 o 094 05 91 as well as upper 117 094 983. Only after arriving home from Pic N Pull did I notice they were of different length. First attempted to fit the longer. Tried muscling it on. Not quite there. Hose comes with I believe a factory bend and while the the diameters on all are correct size the bell ends are of different length/depth. Solution would be to cut a short piece out of the longer and add to the shorter as the ends of the later appear the same as those of the 6.9.


Indeed I would think if you splice it neatly with a short length of thin walled pipe on the inside and seal well with silicone type black sealant no one will be any the wiser.
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