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Parallel flow condenser

Started by 1980sdga, 29 June 2011, 07:50 PM


Glad to see it's still working Jon, yep if you have ice there she's a bit short, either that or you're flooding back something terrible, I'd be interested to know your running pressures and superheat readings

when it's all sorted properly.


Thanks Ken. I never did get any superheat readings  ???  I do have a pretty accurate thermocouple that I guess I could use.

After evacuating/ vacuuming/recharging I got 30psi lo and 150psi hi at about 2000 rpm. This was mid 80'sF and not real humid.  I'm guessing that I'm undercharged but it could be flooding as well. If you look at the picture the line closest to the engine is the return from the evaporator and the one close to the fender well goes straight to the compressor. Both are icing  :o

I went with a larger OT this time so I'm a little scared of over-charging and "slugging" my compressor!

I suppose I really need to get some superheat values to really know what's going on. Weird, no one ever worries about SH with accumulator systems but I've got a weird situation.

Any input?  You've been a great help!


You do need superheat readings to be sure you're not flooding back Jon, particularly if you have a larger orifice, (I can see why the use of the term OT now...) try to get a reading as close to the evap outlet as

possible and one at the suction inlet to the compressor for comparison. Your discharge pressure might be a tad low which could indicate a lack of charge, better to be sure though.


Well I added another 12 OZ of 134a for a total of 2 lbs and sorted out my blower problem. No more icing and it was cooling like a BOSS in the 90F temps today  ;D

My pressures were 30 lo 200 hi at 2000 RPM with all the doors open and a big fan blowing on the radiator.

I didn't notice any compressor cycling with the blower working and my vent temps were around 38 to 40F. I figure if nothing else screws up I'll be ready for the Ga. heat this year. And it's coming...

I'm also planning on tinting the windows before the big heat sets in... An S class really deserves decent AC, plus a 6.9L engine but that'll have to wait a little longer  ;D

I do need to check the SH though.



If I end up keeping one of the 300SDs, I'd really like to check out the installation in your car.  I've switched to driving my Caprice for the a/c but feeding the LT-1 is getting expensive with 60 miles a day on premium. 

38-40 degrees sounds great.


Fix your AC and you'll keep one ;D  You got it backwards!

I've documented pretty much everything in this thread but I'll be around Newnan Ga. pretty regular for the next couple of months.