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Started by BigGreenMachine, 26 July 2022, 07:12 PM


After the road trip in April to take custody of the old Benz from Dad, he just followed up with what appears to be all of the original factory booklets, and all of the paperwork he needed to ship it back to the US after driving around Germany for a month in summer of '78 in his brand new car.
There doesn't appear to be anything here that's not already included in the Library section, but I'm happy to take better photos of anything that's of particular interest.


Amazing post! thanks so much for sharing, it's like a gold mine


The metal plate with original owners info is very rare and special. I've never seen the small yellow card with service phone numbers before.
My car came with the green Zulas.....Showing various registrations or something like that.
'68 250S
'77 6.9 Euro
'91 300SE,
'98 SL500
'14 CLS550,