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Option list W116 - The full Monty!

Started by floyd111, 30 August 2015, 07:18 AM


After a member here pointed out the factory option of a fridge, made by Becker, I did a mad search, and found this list.
To me, it's quite mind-boggling, but it's the real thing.

Yes, it's in German, and you can't copy-and-paste, but you can re-type it in English, and run it by Google translate.
It should be in our library, not?
We DO have the English version here at the .ORG, but it differs in many areas.
This list is W116-ONLY.

The fridge-link that was sent to me set this off.
Btw, is not a fridge, but a cool-box. It is fed cool air by the airco system.
It is also not made by Becker, but by Frenzel. They still do fridges for Benz in Buses etc.
It was also an utterly extremely rare event to have one in a 6.9, and was ONLY an option for the 6.9
Actually, it is that rare, you could debate whether to call it an option.
I found only 2 cases worldwide. (besides the 2 cases SLfan mentioned)
Still, it is called "Option 307" It's an option after all.
Now, where to get one?


This list also brings heaps of confusion to what I thought was standard, or VIN-related.
Simple things like the antenna. It was always an option to have the antenna in front, on the roof, or in the rear.
This list raises more questions than I care for...
When I find the time, I'll see if I can do a translation, for prosperity's sake..


Some time ago on the forum there was a discussion on datacards and option codes. Seem to remember there was a list available, in English, on line - thought I had a copy I will have a look.
1974 450SE silver green/bamboo velour/green vinyl roof


This is a a better source of options and pricing info, based on actual price lists from across most years:
Pick "116" in "Baureihe" and click "Neupreis".

This is the end-result for my 450SE, as per its datacard (yes, you can store it!):
1993 "Pearl Blue" W124 280TE
1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE



Two corrections regarding the factory fridge on my former 6.9:

1. It is battery powered or when the car is parked, powered by electricity from a regular 120/240 household outlet.  In otherwords, it is NOT connected at all to the car's air conditioning system.  You can even remove the fridge and operate it (from a household electrical outlet) outside the car.  The electrical plug was the standard European continental two-prong rounded plug.

2. The fridge is manufactured by Frenzel but is branded by Becker on top.  That was at last the case in my car.

This car is currently in another state but, as the person who I sold it to is a VERY good friend I will try to obtain detailed pictures of every aspect of the fridge and accompanying documentation.

Besteira regards,

1978 - 450SEL 6.9 - 3170
1978 - 450SEL 6.9 "Parts Car" - 2973


Yes, you told me, but I forgot for a moment you were talking about a version you owned yourself, and not a story of hear-say.
That is interesting! According to the descriptions of the other fridge owners, that is not the case, which almost proves there are 2 types.
In German, they specifically explain that it's not a fridge, but a Frenzel cool box, since it does not have an autonomous cooling system.
Even stranger, there isn't a single link in several languages I tried that even proves the existence of a fridge/coolbox, related to Becker, while there ARE links to Frenzel and Waeco, going back in time, till today, on buses, Vito, and some others.
Can't trust the option list description neither, because it is not at all sure MB adhered to the terminology of coolbox/fridge, in the early 70's.

Like I said before.. you gotta love this forum. Where else do you find people nitpicking over options that happened 40yrs ago.



I agree with you:  this Forum is amazing.  As mentioned, I am going to obtain detailed pictures of this fridge and manuals to share with all here the details of this MB optional equipment.  This way, we can ensure that it does not become a myth. 

On another matter, congratulations on all the material that you are "hoarding".  It is amazing.  Please share pictures of your restoration with us.

Best regards,

1978 - 450SEL 6.9 - 3170
1978 - 450SEL 6.9 "Parts Car" - 2973


Holy Moses! 51.000DM in 1979 for a 450SE with some standard options
They weren't kidding then. Next upgrade is either a 6.9 or a Rolls.

BTW, Ptashek, that's one heck of a website! These guys do a fantastic job not being found, though!


Now that explains why I have my antenna at the front of the car - I wonder how much that cost. :-\


Quote from: Peter on 31 August 2015, 05:00 PM
Now that explains why I have my antenna at the front of the car - I wonder how much that cost. :-\

I think this actually changed at some point of production.
Maybe it was even model dependant?

My (now scrapped) 350SE had the antenna on its front-right wing. The 450SE has it on the rear-left.
Both were stock, factory delivered Hirschmann motorised units.
1993 "Pearl Blue" W124 280TE
1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE

Squiggle Dog

I once saw a W116 300SD for sale on craigslist with the factory refrigerator/cool box. Pictures attached.

I also used to own a W116 300SD parts car with front and rear seat heaters. I ended up transferring those to my current daily driver 300SD.

And what about the locking armrest option? ;)

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1980 W116 300SD Turbo Diesel, DB479 Walnut Brown, Sunroof, Heated Seats, 350,000+


OK, it's official. This is the most dangerous thread ever.
Now I need a fridge in the back and a coolbox between the front seats. The locking armrest on top of the cool box. Or maybe the back seat, haha!

OK, so there ARE at least 2 fridge systems for the trunk, and 1 system for between the seats.
Wonder how many others will pop up later on.

The locking armrest is a must-have though. IF they were an option to start off with. I don't think so.
The photo listed here is an armrest, belonging to a W126, that was very smartly modified, with love, to fit the W116


Does anyone have exact data regarding these items in the W116? What Gloria part number? What's the bracket nr?
Are there more parts besides the bracket? Is this Gloria the same as the 190, or the W124?
is it always a front -front seat mount? I have seen side-front seat mounts on W123. Does this happen with W116?

I am about to buy 2 full kits, and I really want the correct ones.
As usual, your assistance is greatly appreciated!



Here's a link to the previous thread, mentioned above:

AFAIK, the antenna moved from the front to the rear in '75 when, amongst other things, the fuel injection changed from D-Jet to K-Jet.
'76 350SE in Silver-Green


The question was about the Fire extinguishers for W116..
Thanks still!