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operating temperature

Started by Tomi, 08 October 2005, 01:08 PM


At what operating temperature does your motors reach ?
The original thermostat of my 450sel is 75 C and I think it operates at about 70-75 C, which I think is quite low. It does stumble a bit at idle and I was thinking if it was due to the low operating temperature.


thanks styria, I thought exactly so. Well I just went to the garage and changed the thermostat, to an extra one I happened to have (not OEM) and I'm not sure of the temperature on this one and its not written. Well i put it on and the motor runs now about 80-85 C that must be good. A noticable effect was that i had to adjust the idle speed again, it just died on idle when hot. So I guess it was running on 'choke mode' earlier.
I will have to give it to the shop for adjusting the mixture now.