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Oil Lines Removal - Oil Cooler Hoses

Started by mummyjohn, 31 May 2024, 08:05 PM


The oil hoses going to the cooler are just about the only spot left on this car that drips and I'm finally replacing them.  Now, one I was able to get out - quite a bit of Tetris - but the other I absolutely cannot see how the devil to get this thing out of the car!  It's unscrewed from both ends...just stuck because of it's incredible shape.  Anyone got any idea how to do this???

1979 300SD
1979 300 SD  W116


Update: took the entire filter tower off and there's STILL not enough room...this is insane 🤬
1979 300 SD  W116


If I remember correctly, you have to take loose the motor mount and engine torque damper on that side, take loose the engine fan and/or the fan shroud, and then jack that side of the engine up.  Afterward, the oil cooler line should slide out from under the engine mount wing....along with a little twisting and contorting. 
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