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No spark on cranking

Started by Rugermerc, 22 January 2022, 02:40 PM


Hello all ,bit of help required ,I have a 450se ,D type injection ,the issues is no spark on cranking ,but when ignition flicks back to position 2 it gives a little spark just before the 2 position on ignition ,so no power going across coil on key cranking but 3/4 the way back to position 2 it gives a spark ,have power at coil and 2 blast resistors ,relys clicking in fuel pump surge ,fuel pressure ,but no fire on cranking ,checked coil and resistors for community all good ,it's like no power getting to key cranking ,but power at no 2 key position ,any body dealt with this before on had this issue ,thanks


Your switchgear (ignition module) is bad.  Buy another switchgear or rebuild yours.  New old stock ones can occasionally be found on ebay and the like, but are always overpriced.  Programa in Florida sells rebuilt units on a core exchange basis, and if you're electronically apt you can test/repair the unit.  Be sure you know which one you have, as there were two different ones used on the D-Jet 4.5 models. 
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