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No power at fusebox for PW

Started by 1980sdga, 27 August 2011, 02:26 PM


I've been chasing this problem today and I'm stumped. I have no power at fuses 15 and 16 which run the PWs. I'm trying to chase it back to the ignition switch but the schematic shows a relay between the fuse box and ignition.

Any ideas?

I actually took the fuse holder out and checked the wires coming in to the box for power. NADA...


What Model and year?

I can look at wiring diagram collection and get location of relay, not sure but I think the relay is one of the fuse box relays.

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Sorry Koan, I updated my signature.

I found it in the wiring diagram and it just shows it between the ignition and the fuse box.  I have the instrument cluster out and I checked the contacts on the 2 relays I found.  It's hard to find the wire color going into the relays because of the sticky tape.

No relays in my fuse box.  I may just replace the relay with a generic parts store relay if that's the problem.

I also removed the fuses and tidied every thing up in there as well as cleaning and tightening all the ground points. Mine has a bunch of grounds screwed to the chassis on the left side of the radiator in the engine compartment. I found some corroded fuses which I cleaned and the ground point was loose! I need to find the engine-chassis ground. Probably a good idea to check that as welll...

I need a camera :-[

You guys need to have some diesels to fool with so you can worry about glow-plugs as well  :o


The wiring diagram for 1980 is useless, doesn't indicate where parts are. Earlier years have the relay in the left kick panel next to your left foot, should have a label with a 10 on the wiring.

If you remove the relay and connect pins 3 and 1 of the socket with a bit of wire the windows should now work, if not keep looking elsewhere for the problem

All the relay does is switch power from the battery to fuses 15 and 16 when the ignition is on.

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