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Hi all!

Just agreed to buy a '77 450SEL and the wheels and tyres are rubbish so I need the PCD offset etc of the wheels so I can go alloy shopping...

any ideas??

thanks in advance :)

HI Blighty450SE and welcome to the forums!

For some help with your question I direct you to the 'monologue' in the topic titled New Wheels at

Basically, you need an offset ranging from 25 to 11. You should be able to find some nice after-market wheels to fit your car, otherwise, you may be interested in simply looking for a set of wheels off a newer 123, 107 or 126 where you will often find the later models with 15" wheels with the correct offset and bolt pattern.

All later model MBs have an offset too high and some even have a different bolt pattern.

Let us know what you find and choose.


Thanks a lot mate that really helps me as the wheels and tyres on the car are well past their best...I like the AMG style you eventually went with...very nice :)

Having a look at some later alloys with the higher offset and am thinking about making some spacers so that they will fit.

Ill post a picture when I get the car of before and after and you can let me know what you think :)

With spacers, just be aware that they need to be hub-centric. It is the hub and not the bolts that bear the weight of the car on the wheels. Also, I believe spacers are illegal in Australia which says something about their reliability (probably just when not fitted correctly).

You should be able to find plenty of used and new wheels that fit without spacers. I went with AMGs for originallity but I also know of plenty of others makes too. If I was buying again, I would have a closer look of the MB 15 hole wheels that were original equipment on the 126 and later model 107 which would be a perfect fit with 15x7 wheels.

Your other best bet for wheels is just looking on eBay. There are plenty of wheels in Germany suitable for our 116. I considered this but luckily found some locally.

Good luck with your search and keep us updated as to the wheels you are looking at.

Is there a photo on this site of your 450SE with those AMG wheels?


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