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My car with the AMGs can be seen in my post at I will also get around to posting more photos in the gallery. I know I have been saying I'll do this soon but I will. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend :)

Well I have taken the plunge on some crazy gold spoked Player alloys!

17" knock off hubs...they will need some minimal spacing but a mate of mine who works in a tool shop has said he will make me up some hubcentric spacers to do the job :)

They should be on the car in a couple of weeks now and then Ill post some pics up :)

On a total side issue I have had to get a starter ring gear for my flywheel as the original has teeth missing....making starting very interesting!!

also I have an idling problem caused...I think by stretched springs in the distributor as the car runs great elsewhere and the rotor arm doesnt seem to advance or retard fully on the spring action as you would expect...

Just a few teething problems before the car goes to the GAS man for an LPG conversion then into daily service for the old girl :)

Ill keep you updated as things progress :)

Sounds great. Keep the updates coming!


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