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New stereo same antenna

Started by nostat, 04 August 2016, 08:18 PM


  Has anyone put in a modern stereo system and used the original power antenna? Iam using a cheap antenna mast now but I would like to get the power antenna working. The 3 wires in  the antenna are red (power I assume),black (ground) and white. Would I hook the power and ground to the stereo wires then the white to a wire labeled ant. on the stereo? I cant find the instal instructions as the stereo is 10yrs old and I cant find the install manual on the internet. Thanks.


So if it's a 3-wire antenna, it's not the stock electric antenna. Those are generally easy to hook up. The black is ground (-) and the red is positive (+). I usually grab that off of a fused connection that is always hot, since you want to allow the antenna to retract even when you turn off the car and pull the key out of the ignition before it's fully retracted. The white is the "signal" wire that gets connected to the power antenna connection of the car stereo. When you turn on the stereo, that connection is hot (+), sending the antenna up. The moment the voltage goes away (turning off the radio or turning off the car) the antenna retracts.

Hope that helps!

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