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new Pagid front pads and question about wear sensors

Started by Rolo, 15 October 2023, 06:26 PM


Hi everyone, I final found time to install the new Pagids in front.  Hmm.  Too thick.  I have the pistons pushed all the way back and about 1/8" too thick.  Even tried chamfering and knocking in, but no joy. Anyone else encounter such a problem getting pads in?

Also, looks like my mechanic broke a sensor and it was sticking into the rotor at an angle.  I obviously haven't installed the new pads, but I did check the correct sensor fit and a surprise.  The sensor would extend out father than the thickness of the pad.  How does that work?  Every other sensor I've install is recessed in the pad and touches the rotor when the pad wears down.

Thanks in advance.


Post part numbers you used.  Also, are you running the correct rotors?
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Do you have the correct sensor?  It should clip into the pad frame with the needle going into a hole that is parallel to the pad surface.
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