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New Accumulators Purchase

Started by Neil4speed, 13 September 2022, 10:45 PM


Hey all! Looking forward to doing my reseal of struts and I figure I may as well do my accumulators while I am there as they would be far past the lifespan.

I did start with the classic center and they won't send them to me in Canada as it is "hazardous"... Any thoughts on where you would look to get some if you were in the market?

Cheers and thank you all with the support so far.


Jeez..MBCC..... they're getting precious aren't they?! They could send then by road if airfreight is farrrr to risky. .
I'm sure you wouldn't mind waiting a week.
Alterntively what about old mate Kent at Mercedes Source just south of the border?

Good luck with the struts. I'm about to embark on mine having just done the spheres was the spheres that were fritzed; and now that they are done, it revealed the front struts are still 90 per.cent and the rears 99pc.!


For front accumulators try:

They show the front ones in stock.  You need 3x as you will also change out the main accumulator which is the same as the 2x front ones (red dot)

The rear ones are much harder to find unfortunately.  2x green dot.
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Ask the CC again, they said the same thing to us and we said that sounds like codswallop.  They sent them after our second enquiry, to Australia.  I imagine autohaus and pelican parts would have them.  Historically, a figure around 7 years is put forward as an average estimate for their replacement.
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That makes no sense.....the accumulators were made in Europe or some other overseas company, and then shipped by air and/or ground to the classic center, yet they won't ship them to Canada? 

If need be, ship them to one of us here in the U.S., and we'll then ship them to you!  I'll happily volunteer for that, as well. 
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Thank you crew for all of the sage advice really appreciated. Utn_Boy, thanks for the kind offer to be my mail forwarding for these obscure things. Very considerate.

Got them from Autopartsway + E-bay, some Febis...

The shipping policy is a bit weird, I got an e-mail from CC saying that they were having some issues with Fedex? Go figure...