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Need a ‘74 Thermo Time Switch

Started by 90077merc, 11 March 2022, 11:54 PM


My mechanic says I need a thermo time switch #004-545-91-25. It's NLA and none seem available online. This is a long shot but does anyone have a spare or any leads on one?
1974 450 SEL


1973 350SE


1974 450 SEL


Going by the information on your profile, a 1974 450sel would have D-Jetronic fuel injection.  If this is the car you're referring to, then the part number you need for the thermo time switch is 003-545-90-24.  I'm not sure where you get doesn't even come up in EPC, nor is it shown in any of the parts books. 

Although used, here are a few places that show to have the part: ( (

1966 250se coupe`, black/dark green leather
1970 600 midnight blue/parchment leather
1971 300sel 6.3, papyrus white/dark red leather
1971 280sel Black/black leather
1973 300sel 4.5, silver blue metallic/blue leather
1979 450sel 516 red/bamboo


Oops I must have copied the part number down wrong from my mechanic. Thank you!!
1974 450 SEL