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Mystery item in oil pan

Started by Jm4635, 23 May 2024, 02:13 AM


Hi all
I have recently purchased a 1979 sel 4.5 I am yet to get running, upon dropping the oil pan I found 3 plastic broken bits in there 2 of them almost form a tube ( two half semi circles ) I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me identify them I have photos but they are two large to post, also had a decent amount of petrol in the pan, not sure if that's related, cheers


Sounds to me like it may be chain guides, but a picture should be really helpfull to be certain.

Regarding petrol in the pan, you may either have one or more injectors stuck open, or the plunger in the fuel distributor could be stuck. Did you try cranking the car a lot?
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Thanks mate , I'll have a look online for things that look similar around the timing 
And yes there has been a lot of cranking by me trying to figure out why it's not starting, previous owner did mention it gets fuel to the crankcase and will stop the car after a while 


Perhaps cam oilers. Pull valve covers.

Ps be aware youcan hydrolock your engine if you get toomuch gas in cylinders.
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Thanks mate, I'll be aware of that going forward 🤙