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Mercedes 6.9: Suspension strut overhaul

Started by jllgd, 05 September 2019, 05:28 PM


Who would you contact in California or nearby, to overhaul your leaking Mercedes 6.9 suspension strut?
Any suggestions or recommendations?


Send them to Martin Werminghausen in Massachusetts.
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Thanks! Yes, I know of Werminghausen.
But are there anyone with the expertise, perhaps in California?


The above shop is in Florida.
They list repair service for front struts only.
Anyone have experience with them or know if they do the rear struts as well?

Are there any shops in California that can do a quick strut overhaul?


I am in a somewhat tricky situation.
My 1980 6.9 is at the SoCal Mercedes workshop.
They have suddenly verified that one of my rear suspension struts have a shaft leak, after being bench tested at a reputable Mercedes suspension repair shop.

So since we are taking the 6.9 on a 14 day road trip to Vancouver Canada later this week, I urgently need one rear strut in working condition.

Anyone here that are able to help me out? All suggestions appreciated!


there's leak and there's leaks. They nearly all leak one way or the other.!!.  if it can hold the car up over night  soldier on.!
A shaft leak implies it's escaping...weeping.  how fast ?  how visible? how quick is the reservoir going down? 
You have a couple of days to determine if it's a nuisance or game changing.
If it's obvious and a bad weep, and if you can't get a replacement strut, plan on another vehicle. 
These things don't go kaput over night.  I'm suggesting its a like a slow tyre leak.  damn nuisance but can be topped up to keep you going until you can get it fixed.


Thanks Randy,
Really appreciate your insight on this subject.
I just talked to the shop owner where my car is and he says now the same thing as you are saying.
It's not really a big leak, more like weeping, as you say.
And car stays up for several days.
So we are inclined to do the road trip to Canada in the 6.9 as planned.

But I find it strange that there are not many who can overhaul these hydraulic struts.


as you want a nearby repair shop for the rare hydraulic shocks its no wonder its difficult to find one.
As Daniel wrote: best thing you can do is to send them to Martin Werminghausen.


The hardest part is finding seal kits and it seems those that have found suppliers are rather secretive about their research.  I will DIY when I find a source for the seals.  And I will posting my sources here.

You have to keep in mind the factory never intended to repair the struts and it was a dark day when they became NLA and apparently all the tooling was destroyed by Sachs.  The least they could do is provide seals....

I hope the cells don't go the same way and become NLA.  No idea what I'd do then!
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A small update on this matter, I have also contacted Martin and he has been extremely helpful - and also has the capacity to repair and restore all of the components of the HPF system. I have just bought a pressure gauge set and an inlet filter from him, in order to diagnose the system and get the most serious issues corrected first as it would be prohibitively expensive to do everything all at once (and tedious).
1979 450 SEL 6.9 (#5532) - silbergr√ľn metallic


I sell strut rebuild kits. Look in the Shop section.
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Quote from: rumb on 23 November 2022, 09:35 AMI sell strut rebuild kits. Look in the Shop section.

where can I find it the shop section?
1979 450 SEL 6.9 (#5532) - silbergr√ľn metallic


'68 250S
'77 6.9 Euro
'91 300SE,
'98 SL500
'14 CLS550,


Wow, great work rumb  8)

I have the rear only self leveling suspensionso are these the same struts as the 6.9 thus this seal kit can do those as well??

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