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M116/117 V8 engine - whos changed their valve stem seals?

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I apologize, Oscar, for not directly answer your concern/question.

I know a gent i, Jim Hoffmann, the m100 (Mercedes 6.9 discussion group) that I believe just changed his valve seals only. Granted it is a 6.9 liter v-8 but very similar technology and his feedback might give you some guidance. His story (and results) are as follows:

I hope this helps!
Joe Perkins


I've done the valve stem seals on my 6.9 but I can't comment on the longevity of only doing seals as I've not dome enough kms, probably only 2 or 3 thousand total.

The seals are a hard, not very flexible material and need to heated in hot water for some minutes to have any hope of getting them  over the valve stems.


it really depends, seals are dead cheap to do yourself, change them and see but if you have an engine that has 200000 miles on it and the heads have not been done the guides are stuffed. How many miles on the engine?

226,000km - assuming the clock hasn't been wound back.

Been reading many past threads on this and other sites and the conclusion that I've come to is that in the wost case there will be no difference, and in the best case the problem will be solved.  Most likely however will be that it will be improved to acceptable (to me) limits.

Next week I'm putting the car in for a full engine health checkout to determine how much I want to spend on the engine.  I'm going to ask if they can check:

compression test
leak down test
timing chain stretch
valve guides if possible to test with cam cover off??
modulator control valve is not leaking.

Can you think of anything else?  Bearing in mind that I can diagnose and solve EFI and ignition problems myself.

Hoping to find that compression and leak down are within reasonable limits, that the chain is probably stretched and needs replacing, as does the chain guides etc., and that the valve guides are Ok but not brilliant. 

Fingers crossed.



--- Quote from: jmperkins on 14 March 2008, 02:57 PM ---I apologize, Oscar, for not directly answer your concern/question.

--- End quote ---

No worries, but it was 13B's question ;)  Thanks for the m100 link too BTW.

Good luck 13B, I can't think of anything else apart from EFI and tuning afterwards. 


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