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M110 Oil pressure line

Started by PerthSteve, 20 January 2024, 12:36 AM


Hi guys, after some technical advice...Swapped my old M110 engine for a replacement. Newer engine had oil cooler mine didn't. I swapped the oil filter housing and deleted the cooler lines but now i am not getting oil pressure at the gauge. Took off the line where it connects to the filter housing and ran the engine. No oil came out of the hole? Am I missing something??


Hi Steve,
Nathan from Perth.  I cant help with this one but saw your post on another social site.  I would suggest if you get stumped, try the star shop in Osborne park.  Whilst not necessarily the MB centre I would use, they do know about older MBs better than most.  If you are south of the river, perhaps Trent at Star & Circle could also help. 
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Thanks Nathan,  I solved the problem.  The filter housing was blocked where the pressure line goes to the gauge. Its my little project so trying to do everything myself. Have her running sweet now. Rust repairs next. Cheers mate.