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Lifting Points, Again

Started by Mattr, 07 May 2023, 05:05 PM


Quote from: daantjie on 16 May 2023, 10:46 PMFor me my thinking is that to truly unload the front suspension you need to have no "anchoring" on any point that influences the suspension and its components.

Maybe I'm off base and I guess if you are not concerned with unloading the front suspension then lifting at the cross member "box" is fine.
This thread is a great example of how many ways there are to skin a cat and, at the same time, how ignorance is bliss.  I never knew that the suspension should be truly unloaded so yes, I was unconcerned with that.  At the same time, the boxes are affixed to the frame/chassis of the car, so presumably very strong.  And in any case, when used as lift points, the suspension does seem to fully unload.  It's as far down as it can go. 

But what has concerned me is the front/rear weight distribution of the car on the lift.  I'm assuming that the car's balance point is forward from the midpoint between axles because the engine so heavy. The design of the OP's lift (and the one in my buddy's garage) lends itself to raising a car in the middle.  But positioning the car a bit behind the lift posts and positioning the front lift arms forward as much as possible, balances the car better on the lift.  Using the boxes helps do this.  I have little idea if this is right, maybe I'm over analyzing.  But when I was doing my rebuild, exhaust, etc I was terrified of the car falling off the lift.  Watching too much Instagram I guess.  Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Sadly I got kicked out of the garage, so no more lift.  I hope I never have to rebuild the engine again.  ::)  Cheers,
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Quote from: raueda1 on 15 May 2023, 12:00 PMI've followed this with interest.  If I understand right the area pictured below is exactly what you're saying NOT to use.  And if so, Yikes!!  That's exactly what I've been using as the front lift point.

Yeah. I've used it without issue for years. My car sat 4' in the air at my old house for about 2 years, resting on that cross-member spot. 0 issues. The only reason I had to look for somewhere else to use was because I'm trying to re-install the crossmember, and I want to limit the risk I bump or push around the spot where I'm lifting from. If I had better faith in myself, I'd probably still use it. Somewhat luckily, I'm aware I'm an idiot, so I try not to do excessively dumb things when I catch myself.
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Can anyone upload a picture of where to jack the vehicle up from on the rear if using a floor jack 3ton? I am trying to inspect the rear suspension and don't want to lift from the wrong place


Just use the diff as long as you have a good jack with a rubber saddle pad.  Then support with jack stands at rear subframe mounting point at the rocker panel.  Let the jack stands take the weight but keep the floor jack supporting the diff slightly. This is your redundancy.
For added safety slide the wheels (if you are removing them) under both rocker panels.
Safety first 8)
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