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Key lock / Door lock stuck

Started by Jenno1981, 09 May 2023, 05:29 AM


Hi guys,

1978 450SEL.

Solenoid lock on driver door only. The following is not a vacuum issue. Just wanted to get that rabbit hole out of the way!

Firstly, Driver door key lock does not work in that it does not budge or give way in either direction. Assumed it was the key (old and worn down), pulled the handle assembly off and can't get it to budge at all from the other side. Saw a couple of posts on how to disassemble and take the barrel out so went down that path with the intention of taking it to a locksmith for a new key...

There is a pin that holds that flat-head screwdriver like piece in place. Got the pin out but can't seem to break it down any further. Any suggestions/further instructions?

Secondly, once I got the driver door handle assembly out I put a flat head screw driver into the door in place of the piece that would usually rotate and cause the door lock to lock/unlock... it doesn't budge either.

Tried in unison with the solenoid lock, nothing.

Tried the solenoid by itself not attached to the door lock - it works fine.

Tried moving the door locking mechanism from various points reaching into the door but still can't get anything to move. I can't see what is stopping it.

Any suggestions on getting this internal Driver door lock or door handle key lock/barrel moving?

Always appreciate the help!

1978 450SEL - Green
1999 ML430 - Also green 🤷�♂️