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IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Started by davestlouis, 17 June 2006, 10:13 PM


I have been trying for 30+ days to get the non-running 1978 280SE to start, to no avail.  I replaced spark plugs(Bosch), plug wires(Bosch), ignition rotor and cap(Beru) and it still wouldn't start.  The most obvious issue was the fuel distributor, so I bought a used one on ebay for $50, put it on the car, and it started on the 2nd turn of the key.  This car was last registered in 1998 and the previous owner had last started it in 2003.  I drove it around the parking lot at work tonight, and while it smoked like a locomotive for a minute or two, and is sluggish, it does run and start, and shifts through the gears.  If I can get it running semi-reliably, I'll start attacking the rusty rockers and quarter panels.  The A/C compressor is disconnected, all 4 power windows work OK, the sunroof works, and even the cheesy 80's era radio works.  It is light metallic blue with blue MbTex in good condition, dry-rotted tires on crusty, dirty bundt wheels.