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Is my AAV in order?

Started by ptashek, 03 October 2021, 03:28 PM


Quote from: ptashek on 03 October 2021, 03:28 PM
I have a spare from my 350SE, but realised they're a different part number (A0001410825 - 350SE/M116 A0001410525 - 450SE/M117).
The difference being in the size of the air channel as the valve closes, which is considerably smaller on the M116 one, including when it's fully open.
I'm guessing they're definitely not interchangeable?


In another thread I created yesterday, I describe a problem with a too high idle (around 1800 rpm) during warm-up, but only when in P for some reason - if I move to D rpms drops down to 700-750 rpm - very puzzling.

In any case, I saw your old thread from last year, where you point out that there are two  different versions of the AAV, and I did change the AAV last year to another used one from Ebay, which has the BOSCH part number: 0280140038 (casted on the AAV housing)

Is that the one for a 350SE/M116 or a 450SE/M117?

I see on Ebay that sellers sell these AAV's as interchangeble between the 350 and 450, and I guess it will still work. But maybe you will then run into problems like I have now, with too high warm-up idle, if you use the wrong one?


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Jan S

Quote from: Jan S on 08 February 2022, 05:36 PM
The link leads me to a dead end. Wrong link?

Works now, my mistake. Sorry.

The AAV is easy to take apart, clean and polish. You can test it in warm water. Should be fully closed at around 75-80 deg C.
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