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Instrument lamps 280SE

Started by Feather535, 26 September 2022, 08:40 PM


Continuing to run down things that don't work on the 280SE I acquired recently.  While the console was apart to repair the wiring to the hazard switch, I noted that the light for the shift indictor doesn't work.  The bulb is blackened and I verified 12 V at the sockets, so I need a new bulb.  Problem is, it's a very strange one with a brass base with 2 "wings," not the usual push-in type.  Does anyone have a source of this type of bulb?  I've looked locally and online with no luck.

Also wondering if the instrument cluster lights use the same type.  They don't work, and so far I haven't been able to get the cluster out with the instructions in the manual or here.  The right side is jammed into the dash, so there is nothing to pull from the outside, and I can't reach to push from the inside.


I'll take pass on the selector light...but

the instrument panel lights are little wedge type  nasties.  These are readily available..Google W116 instrment globes to get a handle on what they look like.
The instrument cluster is a real snurd to get out...there is a little kit you can get that is basically 2 pieces of wire with small hooks at the slide em in and then yank. It can be done without the kits. make your own?
I suspect that the cluster is jamming where the skin on top of the dash is clashing with the binnacle.
its a cow to get out......plenty of lube and silicone spray when it comes time to put it back.
Most of the bulb holders will be brittle and the slip out of their holders in the back of the instrument cluster.
Caution  there is a live oil feed to the oil pressure gauge...gently does it.   

Consider removing the steering wheel .it makes it a lot easier.


Iff i am correct the gear selector light is an Ba7s light bulb ,the light bulb in the ashtray is also an Ba7s by the way


Yes, that's it. Found them online right away. Thanks so much.

Only question is how many to order. Are there more of them hidden around the car?


they usually come in a packet.get some spares while you're at it so if a couple sneak up ....