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instrument cluster stopped working

Started by My74W116, 27 July 2018, 01:20 PM


My temp, rpm and gas gauges all stopped working simultaneously during my drive today. The only thing different about this drive is that I used my A/C for the very first time! Fuse out possibly? Any correlation in your opinion or suggestions for this not so mechanically inclined owner?


YUP!!!! my '74 450 SEL fuse #4 was burnt out. Not sure why it would overload the system with the A/C running. Load should be appropriate for all items listed in the fuse box for #4 so scratching my head whether to just drive without A/C on or keep fuses on hand for regular replacement. Could it be possible to put a higher load fuse in its spot (paper fuse chart in fuse box is missing the area that shows the correct fuse to use for #4 but a white was in it so replaced with that same).


The first thing you should do is a thorough fusebox clean. Get some brass fuses, as the aluminium ones corrode and cause poor contacts. Brush the fuse holders with a brass brush, and insert the new fuses. See what happens from that point onward. It may just solve all your fuse blowing issues.

If not, then there is a short, and you'll have to hunt it down... :-[

Here's a link to my serviced fuse box, and there is also a copy of the fusebox legend (still available from MB by the way MA116 545 07 00 for a UK spec car anyway).
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