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Inside door hinge rotated and locked

Started by 1980MB300SD, 31 March 2023, 11:15 PM



I was greasing the inside hinge where the pin is, and I accidentally rotated the inside hinge to get grease in and seem to have locked it. I was of the impression that this was pure fluke. So I went to the other rear door and slowly moved it to see if it does the seem and it got locked too. This is so silly of me.

Does anyone know how to move the hinge back to its original position? Both my doors don't shut and I hope that there is a simpler solution than taking the door panel out and seeing if I can move it back to its original position.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Soneone else just did this. I believe you can just pull handle open and then with your finger or perhaps a sxrewsriver rotate the latch open.
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I've done the same thing; believe I fixed it doing what rumb suggested, along with using a larger flathead screwdriver for leverage on the inner latch.
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Thank you for the help Rumb and Amilio! The solution worked and the dogs work again!!!