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injector cleaning fluid, is it safe?

Started by oscar, 08 December 2005, 04:33 AM


Hey all.

Any aussie watching a current affair tonight would've seen a story on a 450sel that wont go thanks to a local mech using injector cleaning fluid during a tune up.  I wont go too detailed into the story, it was a typical unhappy consumer versus dodgy business that ACA specialise in reporting on.

The mech did manage to get a few words in and to his credit basically admitted to stuffing up.  After reading 116 posts, it's not surprising since there's a myriad of fascinating and involved bits of know how with these cars.  

I wonder whether the car wont go for some other reason and the mech has no idea where to look next.  Some other 30 year old part may have failed.

Thing is, I have used injector cleaning fluid previously and couldn't tell whether there was any improvement or if it was detrimental.  Is it safe?
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Quote from: "aussie_dave"cool thanks for the heads up, something actually worth watching on TV now!
anything 116 or mercedes relaited is worth recording ;)

Wow - does that mean I might have to buy a tv (after 28 years without one)? Maybe I'll just buy a digital tv tuner for my Mac. The 30" monitor should be adequate!   :lol:
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john skene

There seems to be two groups of injector cleaning fluid on the market, one lot advises using on each 3rd or 5th fillup of fuel, and the other group advises continuous use, some also advising a small amout of say 125ml in each tank, but a very high initialdosage.
In my opinion, as the first group relies on very active solvents it may be too harsh, and could cause problemsif too high a dose is used, but the second group is very flexible in its dosage recommendations and has worked well in my 450.  I have used Red Line brand, which I am told is also marketed under a BMW brand, and two other brands which I have temporally forgotten. There are a number around, just be sure to read the details carefully.


I put a quart of ATF in the tank every now and then too keep things clean. Seems to work pretty well.
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