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Ignition removal

Started by JHinMD, 12 June 2022, 03:30 PM


Hi everyone
I have an ignition system that is becoming worn...position 1,2 are not very positive feeling and when I start the car, it sometimes will stop when the key is bumped slightly in a counterclockwise direction.
So...I went to remove the cylinder.
I am using 46-640a/b as my guide.
My issue is, there is no bore (5a) to slide a key to remove the cylinder.
Has anyone come across this?  My car is 1/76 build date. I'm thinking maybe this part has been replaced?
Any guidance appreciated.


I can't figure out how to post a's been one of those days.


-the trim ting prys off..not thread off
-there is a snap ring around the center section where the key inserts (I removed it)
-there still is no evidence of a key way to unlock cylinder
-the face of the cylinder says 160 MB

Still no luck removing and can find no reference to this style cylinder


We had a recent post on this, do a quick search.  As I recall some style of cylinders you need to release a pin of sorts which you need to access from below on the steering column.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


I read that you removed the chrome ring , iff i recal well  now you must see a small pin (this same pin holds also the chtome ring ) you can press the pin with the ignition key in 1 and pull the lock out


1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Thank you all for your support. Somehow, what I have is different than any other switch I've seen. My chrome ring prys off with three tabs holding it in. The black plastic with 0/1/2 for switch positions also pops off. There is no small hole to unlock the cylinder. There is no tab to push on the outside of the casing.
Another forum has suggested that I attach the problem from the rear. Until I find a way to release the cylinder from the front, I'm going to try that.
Again, I appreciate your help but somehow, my parts don't seem to line up with your descriptions.


Time for some pics of the key-barrel.
'76 350SE in Silver-Green