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I'm at my Witt's end.


I don't know what to do anymore. Got this car about a year ago, and drove it 9 hours home, didn't skip a beat, then a couple days after being home, it had major loss of power and that continued until now it won't stay running unless the throttle is in the floor. 

1974 450SE 4.5

I've changed
The whole distributor "minus injector points"
All rubber fuel lines to motor

I've checked
Fuel pressure
Timring chain

I've timed it and re timed it

Any suggestions would be nice. I don't know what to do anymore.

Also what kind of plug is good for these motors.

To me it still reads like a fuel problem.   Did you check all the fuel screens at the fuel distributor and warm up regulator?  Can't remember if you have kjet or DJET?

spark plug should be non resistor
BOSCH 0 242 240 592
MB A 003 159 57 03  - plugs are cheap from the dealer.

Wires should be good set like Karlyn

that would be a D-jet with trigger points (injector points)

Sounds like a fuel issue.

How about the fuel filters?

Could be that you sucked dirt into the system driving it home and now it has sat and plugged up.  Change tank filter, fuel pump filter and blow out in and out fuel lines.   Connect both ends in the engine bay together and run the pump for 1/2 hr.  - you can easily jump 12v to the pump terminals to do this or you can jump the relay sockets. - would have to look up that wiring though.

After all of that then either test/clean or replace the injectors to make sure they are all spraying.


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