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I had my suspension rebuild

Started by Ds58, 19 November 2023, 02:42 AM


I sent you an PN with the infos.


I would rather use Martin Werminghausen at 600airsuspension if you are going to send your parts for rebuild.
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Quote from: daantjie on 22 November 2023, 10:24 AMI would rather use Martin Werminghausen at 600airsuspension if you are going to send your parts for rebuild.
Yes.  And I believe that's he's in some cooperation with tcj on this forum.  Tcj is in Germany and does all kinds of strut rebuilding as well (replacing bumpers, rubber mounts, new cups, etc etc). Try contacting him on this board.  TCJ did most of the work on my struts and associated parts.  It was superb though not cheap.  This isn't easy work, it involves molding rubber onto heavy metal pieces.  He has lots of other stuff too, including wonderful engine labels and stickers. 

If the strut internals are ok then a seal kit, such as what rumb offers, may be enough.  I went one step farther by honing the strut cylinders.  Honing is controversial (as discussed on the M100 board) but I did it on advice of a hydraulic shop.  It's not hard, you just need the right ball home. The end result was beyond what I hoped for.  Car doesn't drop for weeks or more, no leaks, great rider and handling. Good luck and cheers,
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I've rebuilt all but my front struts which unbelievably are still leaking no more than the factory spec allows.  The latest being replacing the return line from the reservoir tank to the high pressure pump.  I had a leak on the fitting going into the pump.  As posted on this forum a couple years ago, the housing of my original pump developed a hairline crack and was spraying hydraulic oil onto the exhaust manifold.  Not good.

My lesson from replacing the pump with a rebuild from SPOE (spelling) is that the fittings need to be new.  Torquing a second time deformed a small lip on the fitting which was the source of the return line leak.

When Martin rebuilds struts, he recommends new lines and fittings.