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I am trying to save a other one

Started by 1960mog, 08 June 2016, 09:34 PM


Hi guys

Two weeks ago I bought a 6.9 thanks to a tip from Rumb.
I like to start this thread to keep you guys informed about the progress, or in my case, mostly lack thereof, on this car.

Despite the condition of this 6.9, I will try to repair it ,instead of restoring it.
It would be a great success for me, if I can just make it drivable again.

What I know about it so far:

Fuel pump doesn't work.
Tank is filled with a brown goo, formerly gasoline.
Fuel hoses rotten.
Injectors stuck, I was able to free them up again.
Engine overheating just running in idle.
Rear brake calibers stuck.
Axel shaft boots ripped.
Rear wheel bearings shut
Water pump leaking.
Coolant has a rusty color.
One cylinder doesn't seem to fire.
Suspension doesn't pump up.
Climate servo leaking.
Motor mounts shut.

What I did so far:

Changed engine oil.
Got the engine running by using a 5 gallon can and a separate  pump / filter unit.
Did compression test.
Removed tank and radiator to drop them of for cleaning / testing at the local radiator shop.
Removed water pump, waiting for a new seal.
Rebuild all brake calibers and resurfaced disks.
Repacked front wheel bearings and installed them with new seals.
Flushed cooling system with citric acid.

Next on the list are the rear wheel bearings and the axle shafts.
When the fuel and cooling system is back in place, I hope to find out more about the engine.
I am afraid a head gasket is leaking.

Here is a pic of the compression test results.

The in tank filter just after removing.
However, it cleaned up quit nicely and I will reuse it.

To be continued.
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Good luck you are already off to a good start ;D
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Over the weekend I took one of the rear wheel bearings out.
It's amazing how many parts Mercedes needs to mount a wheel.

The bearing itself seems to be OK, but it was lose and this ruined the seals.
I also installed a new brake master cylinder, the old one had a lot of rust.
78 6.9 #4084
79 6.9 #6669


Yes the 6.9 also had the anti squat feature on the rear axle.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Hi all

The rear wheel bearings are back in place.
That crush washer inside the bearing assembly puts up quiet some resistance.
3/4" ratchet, 3' pipe and my 220 pounds barely overcame the damn thing.

Water pump parts just arrived yesterday from the Classic Center.

All the boots on the axle shafts are changed. However, I don't have the right material to make a crimping tool for those metal cups Mercedes uses on this shafts.
I have to keep my eyes open for the right chunk of metal.

So, not much was done in the last weeks and nothing will be done for at least an other week, because I am away from home again.

78 6.9 #4084
79 6.9 #6669


I see from the M100 site you picked up a rare 6.3? Nice one!
You are a brave man ;D
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


The 6.3 isn't mine. I am doing it for a friend.
Just another long term project.
78 6.9 #4084
79 6.9 #6669