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Started by John Hubertz, 11 February 2006, 07:57 AM

John Hubertz

Hey all,

I decided to pass on a reply I had posted to a thread on the 6.9 ( forum I also participate in.

The issue being discussed was hoses, and the cost and difficulty of finding proper replacements.

I had that problem with my '74 SL, and also solve hose problems for a lot of cars that might be called orphans or exotics because parts just aren't available through normal channels - Ferraris and old Citroens, for example.  I gave up on OEM hoses for old cars a few years ago when I got a Fiat hose new in the box for a customer and it failed immediately, and it was a brake hose.

The issue is availability for most of us - only a fraction of people are trying to maintain show cars.

My Dad always said, buy tents from a sailmaker, and sails from a tentmaker.  If you go to an automotive supplier, he has to charge you lots of money because that is how he makes a living.  I buy my hoses from a local shop that manufactures hoses for industry.

I've bought hoses from three types of sources:

1.  Shops that make hoses for chemical and hydraulic applications for industry

2.  Hydraulic specialty shops that serve the heavy equipment and forklift market

3.  Farm supply and equipment repair shops

The prices are outstanding - usually about $15 - $20 per hose.  Compare that to the MB price for the high pressure fuel line or brake or tranny cooler hoses and it is competitive, and the nice thing is you know everything is NEW, not 20 years old in a box.

One really key set of hoses to replace on these old cars are the connections from the fuel rails to the injectors on D-Jetronic cars (1973 - 1975).  Simply splicing in fuel hose using clamps doesn't look very nice compared to the original setup.  My guy can install crimps instead of clamps, much safer and truer to the original look.

Anyway, I thought this might be good information. 


John Hubertz
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