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High Pressure Pump Cover torque

Started by Rolo, 05 February 2024, 05:18 PM


Hi everyone, my suspension pump which is a rebuild from SPOB in Germany started leaking.  After chasing other sources, the leak is bad enough that I can see it.  Right between the pump cover and pump housing.

FSM says torque for installing the pump to the block is 13 nm.  Someone here posted 9 nm is safer.

There are only two bolts securing the cover to the housing.  Anyone know what those bolts should be tightened to?  Thanks a bunch.


The 4 long bolts are also in effect torquing the cap so actually all 6 bolts must be torqued evenly once the pump is mounted. I don't think it's a torque problem.  Likely the o ring under the cap is buggered but at this point I would regard the rebuild as a whole suspect to be honest.  Best to source a good one or send yours for proper reseal.
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


I have to agree. But before sending off to Martin for a proper rebuild, I just want to try the bolts.  I might be lucky.   

Martin confirms 9 nm contrary to FSM.

I thought SPOE was a good company.