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Hi, "New car" New Member, New questions!!

Started by Jarod, 08 October 2005, 06:33 PM


hello everybody, I recently purchased a 1980 300sd that was damaged in a wreck, hoping to fix it and someday drive it, it seems to be in fairly good condition, a bit of rust here and there, but quite clean, engine runs good, although the spark is kind of weak (its a diesel :lol: ) so anyway, kidding aside, the odometer reads around 191000 miles, from what i can decipher between Texas and Canada those miles were driven then they slid around backwards and hit a guardrail thus pushing the rear end over a bit and damaging the rf door, my brother owns a bodyshop, so fixing the damage from the accident wont be to hard (i hope) but i wand to check all the engine and other components before it is put into service, there is no leaking fluids anymore (the oil cooler had a hole so we had to stop the oil leaking everywhere, but I'll leave that for another story) and the engine seems to run fine and fairly smooth after warming up a bit, but i would like to check the compression and anything else that can be checked, so what are some good things to do to these cars before driving them. I'm working on getting the service manual form your site, but I'm only on 56k Internet, so its slow going, so anything i could check and info on how to check it would be appreciated.
Thank you,