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HELP - EMERGENCY TOPIC - (police forum needs help now in US) anyone up?

Started by John Hubertz, 05 March 2009, 02:45 AM

John Hubertz

Anyone remember the forum where they caught the internet crook a couple years back who was a major hacker-level guy selling used parts all over the place?

Hilarious chase - and a couple of the benz guys might be just what is needed - somebody is posting horrible targetted nastiness on a really good police to community board I belong to - I need some trace help BAD as this guy is so sick...   :-[

Anyway, on a positive note, anyone a forum guru?  They need some tech obviously as they are getting viagra/love line buried. 

Any assist appreciated - I've put the call out on us forums but they aren't manic wildmen and thus are ASLEEP.

(does an Indian dance)

Love you upside down wildmen

PS:  If anyone wonders why of all people JOHN would be a police supporter, look at it this way - we're in the same industry; they are production and I'm INVENTORY

PPS:  But seriously, shame and fear are worse then just being open about your issues.  I am a good citizen... even when sick, I try my best.

John Hubertz
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
(Hunter S. Thompson) 

1977 450SEL (Max Headroom)
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