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Has anyone got their car on a rolling test? Post the hp data

Started by hokman, 06 September 2005, 03:16 AM


I'm most interested in knowing how power a 6.9 has really got.  I don't believe it's only 286 bhp. :lol:



(Too bad we can't see the tach.)
560 AMG

(better find a pump soon!)

(this w220 dash looks cheap)

not too shabby among newer mercedes.
you see the evolution?
just pretend S65 is a rumour.:oops:
Actually, all new mercedes is limited to 155mph from the factory, yea that also goes for the S65.  Yea, our 70's 6.9 could keep up with S65 and all other new benz except the SLR(which is really a mcLaren).


So no one has got there car on a rolling road/dynamometer?

Most cars today look like they have a lot of power on paper because that figure is got from a bare engine with nothing attached.  On real brake horsepower, they probably get only 75%.  For example, the Rx-8 is said to have 22Xhp, but on the dyno it only got 160bhp.  Toyota and Honda also rated their cars too high and got criticized for that.

I think even on the dyno, the 6.9 will get more than its stated 286bhp.  I'm also interested in dyno's of other benz models.