Had to grind brake pads to get them in - wider calipers?

Started by Rolo, 10 May 2024, 07:20 PM


Sorry I posted on this subject already, but slightly different topic.  For my 1977, I bought current MB front brake pads and Pagid aftermarket pads.  Both sets are identical in thickness and are too wide for the Teves calipers.  We had to grind 1 mm to get the new pads in.  We replaced pads about 5 years ago and can't remember if we ground those.

I think it's time to rebuild the calipers.  Rebuild kits are still available, but might be time to consider new calipers.  Rotors are grooved and could be replaced.

I read this thread,

And it sounds like the newest available OEM rotors are 0.6 mm thinner than what came on the car.

So question for the Forum for the next pad change, replace rotors to newer and allegedly narrower rotors, or spring for new calipers if they will accommodate the current pads offered?  Thanks.