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Good source for ACC Amps?

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Hi Guys

I know most folks despise this little ACCII system, but I want to keep mine intact.  Anybody have a solid reference for good used VDO Amps?


george murphy

performance analysis

Can anyone vouch for the longevity of his rebuilds?  Seems like these amps don't last no matter what you do :o

George Murphy is no longer in business as of this past summer. 

I don't recommend buying a used amplifier.  A bad one will fry the servo, and vice versa.  Even is one were to find a good used one, it can be likened to buying a used light bulb.  It may last a day, or it may last for a year.  It's not worth the risk considering how expensive the servos are. 

Here are a few places you can buy them from, both new and rebuilt:

Thanks Aaron think I'll try the Programa one, at least it has a warranty, for what it's worth...


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