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Fuse box stuck - advice

Started by ceast3141, 23 August 2023, 07:31 PM


I just got my 1980 300 sd. I noticed some minor electrical issues, and before I dig into worst case scenario, I tried looking at the fuses.

The rear fastener seems stuck. Any suggestions for getting it loose?


Brute force.

but seriously if the cover cap screw is just spinning then the plastic head may be stripped on the metal screw.  Force the plastic off and put vise grips on the shaft of the screw and spin it out. You might consider soaking the screw overnight in your penetrant of choice. I had this happen to me once.  You will of course have to source a new cover screw afterwards.

If its not spinning at all then definitely soak it overnight and try again...
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got it - thanks for the suggestion. I felt guilty having to wrestle it off, but I had plenty of fuses to deal with.

Still no AC, but I'm eliminating culprits.