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fuel pump leak
« on: 06 May 2020, 08:53 PM »
Having found a leak at the fuel pump yesterday on my 1975 W116 450SEL. I replaced the siphon hose to accumulator and from the 50 mm piece from the accumulator to the pump which seemed to be the culprits as they look to be original hoses and were badly perished with the siphon hose snapping when trying to remove it. When I checked this morning yahoo no leak,started the car and oops leaking from the lower power terminal to the pump. The other hoses are recently replaced and dry. Is the pump cactus? Does the fuel pump from my S123 280TE work as a temporary measure and where can I get a fuel pump if not? Also I have a new fuel filter that suits 1976 116 and up including the W123 but looks the same as the one installed and was in the car when I acquired it. Would it be ok to use?
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