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Fuel Injector Electrical Connection Replacement

Started by nblewi0, 12 February 2023, 05:26 PM


Hi all,
Is there anything special to replacing one of the fuel injector electrical connectors?  I pulled my injectors to replace the fuel hoses and found that one of the connectors was broken.  I bought some connectors with pig-tails to replace my inlet air temperature sensor connector so I have the parts already. 

Is there anything special to this?  I'm planning to use heat shrink crimped butt connectors.  Do I need to worry about wire length, etc?  Pictures are of the broken connector (appears to have been broken for a long time but still working in the injector) and the new connector I plan to use.



1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Goldie"
1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Blueberry"


There is no need or reason to use the butt connectors.  Simply solder the wires together and use heat shrink. 

Length is not important as long as the leads are long enough.  Be sure to slide on the heat shrink and the rubber boot that covers the plug before you solder.  Otherwise you'll have to undo everything and start over
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Perfect!  Thanks for the quick response and sharing your knowledge.


1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Goldie"
1973 Mercedes 450 SE "Blueberry"