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Fuel gage repair

Started by revilla, 03 September 2019, 12:35 PM


Hello everyone
I had a fuel gage that was providing quite erratic readings and especially the reserve red light wasn't working properly.
Aaron gave me some indications a LONG time ago but I never reach that item in the list until recently.

So using a 46mm socket I pulled up the gage at the fuel tank.
It's accessible after removal of  the first aid box on the rear window.
It was TIGHT, but using an extension  tube for extra torque I was able to unscrew it.
Delicately, I pulled the gage tube.
Once out, there's a small bolt at the bottom which allows to reveal the gage with its float inside.  Then remove the aluminum tube that covers it. I said delicately because there are 3 thin (very thing) wires over which the float slides on providing the resistance values that allow the needle in the IP to give the tank level info.
It turned out the copper piece that makes contact to light up the red light at reserve level was loose explaining the intermittent behavior. I tightened it up, tested and problem solved.
Reverse sequence for reassembly and voilĂ ... a working fuel gage.
I apologize but I failed to take pics, but I hope this can be useful for somebody in the forum with the same issue.