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'front'end exhaust noise

Started by bobboyer5, 29 November 2005, 10:08 AM


Friends:  Have '77 450 SEL with 4.5 and approx. 79K miles.

Very recently, I have been experiencing a louder exhaust noise and basso-profundo coming from front end of exhaust system.  It is more pronounced at idle and low rpm.  It also involves a bit (but not much) of a slight chugging bass sound.  It is annoying to me and probably to passengers.  Interestingly, the noise seems more profound with a passenger in car. (extra weight??)

I have visually and tactily examined the pipes and connections, and cannot locate where this might be eminating from.  Have checked headers and pipes leading back. It is NOT coming from the middle or rear mufflers.

Any troubleshooting suggestions or ideas??

Many thanks.