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Flushing 6.9 Suspension

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Noticed about a year ago, the dip stick was brown.  Drained tank (need to wash out the sludge in the bottom - where does it come from?), replaced filter, and now ready to flush the lines in the front and back from the bleed nipples.  Somewhere I found tips on flushing.  Raise the car first.

This seems counter intuitive.  If you want to flush clean fluid through the lines and controllers, seems like you'd want the wheels on the ground.  The system tries to suck oil away from the struts and reservoirs when the wheels are up.  Opinions?

Here is my method, not sure if it is the "right" way but seemed to have worked for me.

I used the main leak line (hard line connection at the pressure regulator) to dump off the return fluid.  This is the "D" line in schematics.
Your "H" function must be working correctly to do this.  Disconnect the hard line (D) at the pressure regulator, then connect a catch tube here and run your tube into a catch bottle. 
Then run the engine and cycle your switch to "H".  Have the tank open with cap removed.  Use a strong light to shine into the tank to see what's going on.
You will see fluid drop rapidly in the tank as fluid is pumped into the struts.  Then cycle back to "N", then the return fluid comes back via the leak line into the catch bottle.
Then top up the reservoir with fresh fluid, and repeat.  Simple 8)

I like the sound of your method.  The only thing that counts is getting brown oil out and clear oil in.

One question: wheels up or down?

Car on wheels in "ready to drive" orientation.

Got it, wheels on the ground.  But for position H, does it work on USA cars?

Thanks a ton


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