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Flushing 6.9 Suspension

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The system is capable regardless. On US models there is a sleeve on the cable preventing the selection but you can easily remove it.  If present you will see it at the height control switch (aluminum cube bolted to the pressure regulator)

The entire system holds appr. 6 Liters and the reservoir appr. 3 Liters.
You may as well pump out the volume of the reservoir and add new fluid before bleeding line D, like you would do when manually bleeding brakes.
btw: I want to change my air volumes next year and have aready read myself into the matter. Looking at the in- and outlet positioning on the balls I wonder how new balls can be entirely filled with oil after installation if the in- and outlet piece is not located as the highest point , as is the case with all but the central Reservoir.
What am I missing?

I replaced all of the reservoirs.  They get filled when you start the motor.  The entire system is under a lot of pressure and all the air gets pushed out.

I'm still wondering where all the sludge in my tank came from.


--- Quote from: Rolo on 15 October 2020, 09:49 AM ---
I'm still wondering where all the sludge in my tank came from.

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The sludge is from all the years of use really, mostly from the rubber hoses that degrade over time.  You will see that the pickup in the tank is above the floor of the tank, thus once the sludge settles it has nowhere to go but accumulate in the bottom of the tank.

What a warming thought -- rubber, that will all need replacing.

I got a serious problem now.  The high pressure hose from the pump to the valve on top of the tank is weeping.  The fitting is the cone type, but it's not very tapered.  Torqued to spec, 30 nm.  I looked in my factory shop manual and it says the connection was superseded in May 1978 with a cone and the photo shows another fastener on the hose fitting, I think.

Is there a newer fitting that won't weep?


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