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Flushing 6.9 Suspension

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I got the whole system flushed.  Washed out the oil tank.  It was in the parts cleaner for 1/2 hour and we used a 1" paint brush to scrub the bottom.  An incredible amount of rubber.  Nothing shiny like metal that we could see.  Cleaned the strainer which had a little rubber and replaced the filter which had blackened after only 2 years.

Used daantjie's method for flushing and pumped through 5 quarts until the oil was clear and for good measure used the bleeder valves front and rear.  There was still a lot of black oil after the up-down flushing method described above.

One thing is that the oil was all foamy when it came out of the bleeder.  Foamy and dirty.  Now the leaking pump and, if I can figure out how to get it out, the front leveler are off to Martin.

My theory is the foaming oil is from ruptured spheres.  The nitrogen from them mixes into the oil.

The bits of rubber you saw are also from the ruptured diaphragms in the accumulators.  Glad you cleaned it out! 

Martin says I'm just seeing the oil under pressure.  Milky for a few minutes, then it's just dirty oil.  Spheres are all new, so hopefully no more crud in the tank.


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