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Exploded Ignition Coil

Started by johnnyw116, 05 August 2022, 06:41 PM


i came across this on a facebook W116 forum , i never have seen or heard that a ignition coil exploded like this ?


somebody probably left the ignition on! ;D


Quote from: Randys01 on 05 August 2022, 10:53 PMsomebody probably left the ignition on! ;D

it happend during driving on a roadtrip through Paris according to the facebook post


Forgive my ignorance but what is all that black gunk?
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Quote from: SteveDuNord on 06 August 2022, 05:47 AMForgive my ignorance but what is all that black gunk?
i guess that gunk is maybe a mixture of the oil what is inside the coil and something that is melted ?


Top right shows a fairly hefty in line fuse connected with heavy wire-certainly not OE I would say.
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Coils are basically filled with oil to cool them.
 I can't see the fuse gizmo?
If this coil exploded under the described circumstances..trundling along the road in is only the 2nd occurrence of that type I'veever  heard of. ...irrespective of make/model.  :o


Maybe also just an example of how crappy quality has become nowadays.  Bosch used to be rock solid quality but even they seem to have fallen by the wayside :'(
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Same thing happened in the 350 I've parted out. Somehow the coil windings got shorted and it caught fire then popped. At least that's what the previous owner told me as it happened under his ownership.
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