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Exhaust upgrade?

Started by 500eguy, 22 January 2008, 02:03 AM


Classic Garage based out of NY USA still has some performance exhausts for the short wheel base w116 laying around for cheap.  Shipping to OZ would be ridiculous but the US $ is weak.  I purchased the SuperSprint kit a couple years ago and noticed they still have them.  This is the only place I have come across that even had a performance exhaust for the w116.  Just thought I'd pass along the info.

Dual Chrome-Tailpipe, Free Flow Exhaust for Mercedes 450SE 8-Cylinder 1973-1974. 2-Piece System without CATS! Supersprint $299 USD

Exhaust System, less head pipes, for Mercedes 450SE 1973-1976 (short chassis only). OE Eberspacher Center Resonator and Axel Pipes with ANSA Performance Rear Muffler and Chrome Tips. Weld-on-System $399 USD

Performance Rear Muffler (Weld-on-Style) for Mercedes 450SE & 450SEL 1973-1979. New Old Stock, Chrome Tips Need Cleaning $150 USD


i Think i am going to buy the weld on style and just fab new pipes:) that would look so clean!


hmmm just looking at how cheap the entire system is and it seems like a great deal. How much of a difference is the Short wheelbase and Long WheelBase? just longer pipes right?


4" longer pipes in the area under the rear doors ought to solve it.
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... apologies for bumping an oldish thread, but ....

My exhaust system is hanging too low, scrapes on bumps on the motorway occasionly when full of people, so I want to get it sorted before it falls off and leaves me stranded on the way top work or something.

Reason it hangs low is that it's been butchered, as in it only has a middle damper ( 450 SEL ). I was just trying to price new systems, but from this thread it appears that it can put on quite a variety of different combinations.....

...... thus I can bodge ( weld ) up something, like with the parts from my scrapped 280 ???????

I'm not too worried about performance, the V8 covers that, and I like noise.

Please advise if I'm heading the wrong direction here.


In all honesty there's nothing too complicated under the car and if you're not bothered about originality, any competent exhaust place should be able to fit a custom twin-system like mine for under $A1K.  In fact my white 450SE has a large single system (the engine pipes are collected near the back of the transmission, and it just goes thru one resonator and a rear muffler, can be done for $A500 or less..  They sound good and won't scrape.

Which brings me to a different question, have you checked your SLS (if fitted) or your rear springs, as when loaded up with people / luggage the car shouldn't sit that low that the muffler scrapes on the motorway...

Can we seem some pictures under your car and how it sits when fully loaded with people?

450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K


Just on the suggestion of you welding and "bodging something up", if funds are tight at the moment a good honest exhaust place should be happy to weld in pipe sections etc for not much money (say $100). Sounds like your mufflers etc are OK. They have good welders set up to do this sort of thing and they do this all the time so skilled in dealing with secondhand pipe etc. But especially with old cars, if you have the time on your hands by all means have a go.
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In the meantime got rung up with a quote for a new exhaust, US$ 2600.

So indeed, it's going to be a "shade tree mechanic" jobbie.


Quote from: scraf on 03 April 2008, 05:20 PM
In the meantime got rung up with a quote for a new exhaust, US$ 2600.

So indeed, it's going to be a "shade tree mechanic" jobbie.

This price is outrageous.

I only payed 1500AU to have the oem system duplicated in polished stainless steel from the manifolds, and that took 5 days to install too.


with those private retro plates, you can only get the black plates starting with U, or the black on white plates starting with you cant choose the first letter. its odd you cant pick the first letter...maybe there are a few stalwarts driving around with these plates so they cant reissue them!! personally, if they reissued the yellow plates in good nic, id consider putting them back on my 6.9s
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AFAIK the "U" and "X" series plates were from the era when all states had the same format, AAA-111, the first letter is specific to the state, the "X" replaced the "U" when all available combinations were used up. Hence the fact that there is still no option to change either the "X" or the "U" on the retro plates... if you want a fully personalised plate that's easily done, even in that colour combination.

Interstingly, in WA the "1AA-111" format started at "6AA-111" for some reason.

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Has anyonr done a Exst upgrade with a 300 SD w116 .. wounder what it would sounds like with the 5 cyl. turbo D hmm?


Hi there - I had mine done,  with the Powerflow system, and wish I never had. The trouble is, stainless gives a more shrill tone. In fact, it's currently back in the shop for the second time as they struggle to restore its gentle purr. They've been great, actually - have actually fabricated some huge boxes.

The lads that did the job originally thought I'd be chuffed to bits if it sounded like a motorbike, but no... I think if you buy a car with this sort of dignity and poise, then one should maintain it!

ANd you know what? the orig Merc parts are not totally insanely priced. I wish I'd done that...


s class

These sorts of prices you Australians pay really terrify me.  Here in South Africa I would expect to pay around ZAR1500 to 1800 for a full dual system with one silencer and one resonator, from the manifolds all the way back - all custom made in large bore stainless with mandrel bends and polished outlets.  Thats under $300.  But then again our salaries are also weak  :(

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it was simple - i went into Licensing and thought " hmm, how about a black and white plate"..whats the cheapest etc.  They had the "retro" plates at about $250. So I asked if U (you had to have U) followed by MB (Mercedes Benz) gollowed by 69 (6.9) followed by a 0 (seemed logical)
I am a beancouner after all.
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!