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Re: Exhaust gas analysers
« Reply #30 on: 07 January 2010, 08:11 PM »
Speaking of tuning WUR's..

Very interesting find.  My WUR is working sweet compared to my old one.
Weird thing is though, after a good run, if it sits for about 10mins then goes to start - it takes a bit of cranking... I'm guessing fuel pressure related.

It's interesting though, read through it but don't really understand that much of it.
Am I right to assume that at warm running temps it maintains better fuel pressure and even raises fuel pressure at different rpm ranges with use of the software application also??  (I'm probably totally wrong...)

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Re: Exhaust gas analysers
« Reply #31 on: 07 January 2010, 08:28 PM »
Hot start can be mixture but usually the accumulator.

That fancy WUR is tunable because contrary to popular belief and it's English name, the WUR operates and varies
throughout the operating range of the engine, varying pressure to adjust mixture.  Or something along those lines, it's been years since I had a k-jet car, but I loved it dearly.  You can indeed, in theory, tune that one to specific mixtures are differing temps and such, it's spendy in my opinino with the alternatives out there, but it's most defanantly neat.

K-Jet is one of the most reliable and long lived fuel systems I have ever seen, there is a reason all of the more pricy, and even cheaper, euro cars used it for so long, even hanging lamda on it later(which rocked) and less so the assorted other smog stuff.  People have told me the only reason it finally went away was lack of fine tuning ability for cold start and warm up emissions, but I don't have any way to prove it.  From the performance and MPG I always observed from healthy K-Jet, I believe it, none of the directly after EFI systems improved on any of that significantly for awhile.


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Re: Exhaust gas analysers
« Reply #32 on: 25 August 2020, 10:48 AM »
Have you considered using gas analyzers from CI Analytics? They also have more types of tests available